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Every week, the AwesomeSauce Team tests the limits of their endurance with new hot sauce trials, while enjoying some light hearted conversation; From Christmas traditions to first dates. Can they stay cool and collected while their mouths are burning? Get to know some of the team that makes it happen at YES TV®.

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S1E01 – Christmas Traditions

Christmas is almost here! The AwesomeSauce team chats about new and old Christmas traditions and taste tests 3 new hot sauces!

– Sriracha (
– 1978 (
– Big Smoke (

Cast: Rachelle, Matt, Dylan, Renée

S1E02 – Favourite Holidays

Everyone loves the holidays! Or do they? The AwesomeSauce team discusses the holidays they love, and the ones they love to hate.

– Chili Lime (
– Garlic Jalapeno (
– Piri-Piri (

Cast: Adam, Renée, Dylan, Gavin

S1E03 – New Years Resolutions

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Do you have a New Year’s Resolution for 2018? How’d you do last year? The AwesomeSauce team shares!

– Chipotle Pepper (
– Aardvark Habanero (
– Black Bison (

Cast: Adam, Carolyn, Dylan, Rachelle

S1E04 – Best/Worst Gifts

We all love getting gifts… or do we? The AwesomeSauce team shares their best and worst gift stories!

– Tabasco Pepper Sauce (
– Black Heat (
– Solar Flare (

Cast: Matt, Carolyn, Dylan, Adam

S1E05 – Names!

Our names have been with us since birth and we love them! Or do we? Do you like YOUR name? Find out what the AwesomeSauce team thinks of their names in this week’s episode!

– Crystal (
– Yellowbird Habanero (
– Rebel Habanero (

Cast: Renée, Dylan, Rachelle, Gavin

S1E06 – Technology?

Remember the days of playing outside, calling your friends’ home phones, and chatting on MSN Messenger…? What do you think about technology? Miss the good ol’ days? Or can’t live without the latest gadgets?

– Amazon Mango (
– 408 Jerk Style (
– Ghost Pepper & Blueberry (

Cast: Gavin, Carolyn, Dylan, Renée