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We are looking for development slates, New TV Series Show Ideas, Scripted and Unscripted Content, Snackable Content, Webisodes, Docs or Feature Films!

From TV shows tor film ideas that are at the conception stage, to completed projects that only require a broadcast licence and faith distribution. If you are staff or not, we want to hear about your passion projects and ideas that bring out the best in you. And yes, we are open to all levels of completion!

Submit proposals to [email protected]

For a submission to be reviewed, please submit a one-page summary of your proposed project, along with a signed release form below. Attachments or links to online videos can also be included as part of your submission (but are optional).

Please note: We will not review your project without the signed release form (below)


Proposals that best reflect the nature of the programming that aligns with our vision and mission will have a better chance of making it through the selection process. Once a proposal has been received, we will review it within six (6) weeks of receipt. If your submission is not selected for development during this review period, it is deemed withdrawn, and we will have no further rights to your submission which will be shredded or deleted.

(Please note: Due to limited development and production resources, and a high volume of submissions, the process of commissioning new projects is a very selective one. As such, only those projects deemed of interest by CGMG may receive a response to their submission.)

Should your project be of interest, we may then contact you to schedule a meeting with the selection committee and come prepared with a more detailed proposal, including any of the following:

The best ideas selected and “greenlit” will receive the same cash licensing fees and broadcast certificates to issue tax credits.



  • Show concept, focus and treatment.
  • Summarize show format, or provide episode rundown.
  • If possible, provide detailed episode breakdown.
  • Outline prospective financing/funding scenarios.
  • Add a new row
    Identify Key Talent - attach resumes/bios
  • If applicable.
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    List other countries or regions where program has aired, if applicable.
  • Drop files here or