Jonathan Smith (Landon) is an angel who has been stripped of his wings and is now "on probation", sent to Earth. In the pilot, he meets Mark Gordon (French), a retired policeman now bouncing from job to job. At first distrustful of Jonathan, Mark comes to realize the true nature of him and is then given a job; to assist Jonathan in helping troubled people on Earth. Jonathan and Mark are given assignments by "The Boss" (i.e. God), where they are required to use their humanity to help various troubled souls overcome their problems. These problems include families dealing with sick loved ones; "all-around losers" who are encouraged to find their self-worth; people coping with loss of family such as war widows; parsons who are struggling to lead their flocks; greedy businessmen being encouraged to use their wealth for good; activists who were exploiting problems, such as civil rights, for their own personal gain; local politicians being shown the true meaning of leadership, small time crooks or organized crime members being warned where they are headed, discouraging prejudice in regard to people of different races, socioeconomic backgrounds, and disabilities.