the strangest place in the universe is right here

How did the big lump of rock that is our planet come alive? ONE STRANGE ROCK is the incredible, strange story of life on Earth, told by a band of charismatic astronauts. These are the only people who have seen Earth as it truly is – a perfectly calibrated life-support system floating in space – and their unique perspectives will show a world where every living creature is part of one extraordinary, interconnected system that keeps alive over eight million different species of plants and creatures – including us.

During this major event series, viewers will be transported on a mind-bending and thrilling visual adventure that takes in 45 countries, six continents and, of course, space. Visiting the world’s most spectacular locations and encompassing planetary phenomena, unique visions of the Earth, human stories and fresh perspectives on natural history, we’ll unravel the unbelievable chain of accidents, coincidences and connections that make our planet special - and uniquely brimming with life amongst a largely unknown and harsh universe.

Using new filming approaches and camera technologies, combined with footage from NASA, extraordinary visual effects from Oscar®-winners Framestore, and the cinematic flair of Academy Award®-nominated filmmaker Darren Aronofsky (mother!, Black Swan) and award-winning producer Jane Root, ONE STRANGE ROCK will redefine natural history and science programming. It promises to be a mind-blowing and memorable trip within and beyond planet Earth, ultimately affirming that there really is no place like home.