Courage. Inspiration. Hope

The Spark is a half hour program featuring the people and stories of those that dare to dream and are

willing to do something about it.

Leveraging the technologies of today we will entertain our audience with a high quality one hour

conversation spotlighting the real champions; people who through their grit, faith and determination are

making a difference; people who are changing the world one story at a time.

Whether it be a mother and her child, a city and its changemakers or a spiritual leader that inspires many

around the world, The Spark will bring them to you. Around the corner or around the world there are so

many who are living lives of action, literally making the world a better place.

Award winning broadcaster and interviewer Ralph Benmergui will help us get to know these trailblazers

with an intimate and soulful style that makes The Spark the place where we can draw inspiration and renew

our hope in what we are capable of, when we connect to ourselves, to our neighbours and to The Spark.

Thursday June 2 @ 10:30p (ONT) Friday June 3 @11p (ALBERTA)