Yep, that's me

Meet Kevin Arnold (Fred Savage), a precocious, bright-eyed kid whose most pressing concern in life is junior high and all the crises that go with it. Every day brings new challenges: big bullies with little brains, sex education from a teacher smelling of sweaty socks, and freshly perfumed girls who are six inches too tall.

With a dry sense of humor and the insight one gains with maturity, a grown-up Kevin provides funny commentary on himself as a young boy trying to cope with the bizarre world of being a teenager. He lets us know what the younger Kevin is thinking and introduces us to life in the suburbs, with Mom (Alley Mills) patrolling the kitchen and Dad (Dan Lauria) arriving home from work restless and hungry. Then there’s Kevin’s older sister Karen (Olivia D’Abo), who thinks she’s been given the wisdom of the ages, his big brother Wayne (Jason Hervey) who exists only to torment his younger sibling, and his best friend Paul (Josh Saviano) who’s allergic to everything but a loyal friend, down to the last sneeze.

Being a kid means life is bursting with new and exciting adventures and experiences, like the first kiss with his neighborhood sweetheart Winnie Cooper (Danica McKellar) or the first time he ditches school in an attempt to hang out with the “in” crowd. It’s also the time a guy has to learn the facts of life, without his parents finding out.

It’s not easy growing up, but the laughter and friendship make it all worthwhile. There’s something unforgettable about those years, and now is the time to enjoy them – THE WONDER YEARS.

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